3 Awesome Men’s Stores You Should Visit

Image by: BBQ’sOnSunday
By Phillip K. Issa

While there are many stores out there that cater to those seeking high-end men’s business fashions, there are a few that stand out, considered by aficionados to be the very best at what they do. While usually expensive and exclusive, these male “boutiques” offer the finest suits, shirts, socks, belts, and other accessories.

You want to look your best, right? These are the places to go.

And let’s side-step the chain gang shall we? Who needs a mega-conglomerate getting between you and your fabrics. We are talking indies, boys, traditional mom and pops that feature owners who live for clothes, breathe for fashion and sleep above the store in a studio apartment.

Those shopkeepers always have the best stories, don’t they?

Not looking for a new place? Your spot suiting you just fine? Well, sure … that place you shop at now might do you a reasonable amount of justice, but does it make you sing? Do you actually belt out a tune as you leave the store?

Bottom line: You haven’t lived until you’ve had a proper clothesgasm on the floor of one of these fine establishments:

Opening Ceremony

OK, starting this list off with a four-store “chain” may seem counter to the whole indie-only rules thing, but Opening Ceremony – with locations in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo – is still independent to the core, despite them starting a TV channel and publishing an annual magazine.

And also, OC is amazing, really. And hey, if they do get too big for their britches, they can have a tailor fix ’em up right quick. But don’t take my word for it, Opening Ceremony has already been blabbed about in Esquire and GQ, so you know it’s good stuff.

But is it great? Absolutely incredible.

Bonus: Right now, the OC is rocking some pretty out-there fashions from Beatle-crusher Yoko Ono, which are actually quite interesting, but not wearable unless you are all of nineteen.

Bobby From Boston

When you are looking for something vintage, go see Bobby. His shop, Bobby From Boston – located in the South End neighborhood of Boston – is the go-to place for period wear and time-traveling styles. And surprisingly, the prices are reasonable.

“The best men’s vintage selection I’ve ever seen,” raves Yelper Katie K, who wishes she were a man so that she could shop there. “Certainly one of the most impeccably curated vintage stores in New England.”


Ascot Chang

Looking for a fantastic tweed suit? Look no further than Ascot Chang. Here we go again, another multi-outlet clothier with locations in NYC and Beverly Hills, you say. Agreed. But damn if Ascot Chang (“A Gentlemen’s Shirtmaker”) isn’t a master at traditional bespoke realization, helping it to earn kudos from across the globe for their fit and finish.

They cannot be denied. They also offer a fine assortment of pre-made items and accessories that will blow you away.