10 History Lessons That Will Make You Glad it’s 2015

By Richard K. Noots

Remember the Middle Ages? Neither do I, but rest assured, it sucked. They may have had mead, wenches and awesome sword fights, but they also had famine, plague and awful medical care. It’s worse than you think, trust me. We’re going to have a picture demonstration that will show history really, really sucks. Let’s keep the future going, shall we?

Blood Letting

Cavities were handled the same way flesh wounds in the Civil War were.
Cavities were handled one way.

Eagle poop had healing properties. Not …
Eagle poop aspirin

Lead was everywhere

Candle smoke killed tooth worms.
smoke kills tooth worms
What the hell is a Tooth Worm?

Sulphur was thought to be able to remove freckles.
Sulphur to remove freckles
By rubbing it in.

Tampons came from … Wherever you could find them.
Tampons came from ...

Urine was a face-wash!
Urine facewash

Wigs were huge, fashionable and covered in lice.

Infections were solved in the most Kick Ass of ways.
L0033418 Thigh Cauterisation

Sweet, sweet technology.