Web Domains and hosting – why do you need Kickzer


Web Domains are a key part of your business’ branding. Hosting and a powerful website kick-start your business’ web presence. Read on to find out why you can’t afford not to use Kickzer!

How Does Kickzer help Businesses Succeed?

Kickzer offers more than simply just web solutions. We offer everything you meed to build and grow an impacting, memorable web presence for powerful growth.  We offer everything you need to make your existing website secure and high performing. Professional Email solutions doubles down on a professional outlook for your business. Powerful tools give you the force at your fingertips to get online with an SEO efficient, user friendly website.

We provide an one stop shop solution to accelerate your online journey and best of all we provide support from Australia, helping locally for advice and assistance. 

Why does my business need a website?

Whether your a local or national business, your website is likely to be the first impression that you get. Think about it, nowadays, where is the first place you look when you want a product or service?

A website helps every business:

  • Display their product and services to millions.
  • Build credibility
  • Compete with bigger businesses
  • Hammer home their Brand Identity
  • Connect to their customer base

All of that power is more cost effective than you may think. Kickzer has the tools. We can provide Web hosting, Web Domains, Email and not forgetting our all-in-one Website Builder.

Why get a domain name from Kickzer?

Kickzer is backed by tried and tested technology, empowering people with  creative ideas to succeed online.  Our search tool makes buying your domain easy. Search millions of available domain names and secure the essential part of your brand identity for some of the lowest prices around! 

Why Use the Doweb Website Builder?

Doweb by Kickzer is designed to help you win!

It’s fast, simple an possible to create captivating websites that draw your customers in – all without knowing any code! Start off by typing in your industry and choose from suitable templates.  

From there you can add the inbuilt appointment scheduler, or even a fully integrated e-commerce solution! All for little more than $20/month! 

What makes Kickzer So Good?

With a Decade in the industry, Kickzer has the know how and tools to give designers, developers, bloggers and online businesses create and maintain their online presence. Our incredible support combined with 99.9% Up-time for hosting means that our Australian based support can help you thrive.

Why should you choose Kickzer for WordPress?

If WordPress is your plan, let us connect you! Our cost effective WordPress (Cpanel) plans are designed to keep performance up and costs down.