When Is The Right Time To Wear French Cuffs?

Image by: John Hope
By Phillip K. Issa

When it comes to cuffs, which side of the ocean do you generally fall on? Are you a button guy, or are you flying frog-style? Are you a standard bearer or do you go full gleam and fold? And what about cuff links?

That’s right, when it comes to cuffs, you basically have two choices: button or French. Button cuffs are all occasions except for the fanciest, or at least they have been. Lately, French cuffs are becoming more commonplace in men’s Euro-fashion.

But hey, that’s over there, I say.

The fanciest of occasions – or a visit to the exclusive Men’s Club for lunch – may require French cuffs. Some (meaning most) find them a little too bling-bling for average American business settings. But you don’t consider yourself average, do you?

French cuff shirts give a very finished look, but they may be over doing it depending on the situation.

The lines are blurring, however, to the point where you can pretty much wear what makes you look the best. While that may be true, I would still go with the French cuffs when called upon to throw on a penguin suit and take tea with the Queen of England.

Let’s not get carried away people (as some are doing by rocking the French cuffs and shorts combo). Oh, and cuff links? By all means at your upscale business power functions.