What’s Better To Lose Weight? Cardio or Weight Training?

Image by: bepositivelyfit
By Roger Barone

Here’s the deal men. I get this question a lot when it comes to going to the gym and losing weight. It truly depends upon how much weight you are trying to lose; but one doesn’t outweigh the other one.

Each type of exercise has its advantages but let’s go through cardio and weight training to see what is better when it comes to losing weight.

Pros of Cardio

1. One of the greatest benefits of cardio is that it is a greater calorie burner. You can burn more calories per hour with cardiovascular exercises than you can with weight training.

2. Another great benefit of cardiovascular type of exercises is that it helps strengthen your heart and lungs more than weight training would. Your body will be able to pump more blood through its system faster while not working as hard.

3. The last benefit for cardio work over weight training work is that they go hand in hand. As you lift weights and gain more muscle mass, you ultimately create an amazing system for your body to burn a lot of calories. Not only that; but it also increases the efficiency of how your body burns calories which will assist with weight loss results.

Pros Of Weight Training

1. The first benefit of weight training is that you will be toning up your body to look like those celebrities and sports figures you look up to. On top of that; you will not only look good with clothes on… but also look sexy without those clothes on.

2. Another benefit of gaining more muscle mass is that your joints and muscles will work more effectively to improve your bodily functions. It increases your stamina, your flexibility, your balance, and even prevent injuries to arise.

3. If you follow a strict cardio only exercise program, you are doing more harm than good. While you may be burning more calories than you would lifting weights… you are losing bone mass and density. Were you aware of this?

It’s very important to realize that weight training is just as important, if not more important to add into your exercise routine. Weight training is important because while you build muscle; you are also improving your bone mass and density while your drop pounds.

Better Sleep

At the end of the day; the reason why exercise is so important is not only to be living a healthy lifestyle to live longer, but it also improves your sleep patterns. That is a proven fact.

Cardiovascular exercises are important but it’s more important to make sure weight training is also implemented in your routine. Moderate exercise with weight training mixed with a great sleeping pattern will also improve your immune system.