What if City Life Meant You Didn’t Have to Leave The Country Life Behind?

By Richard K. Noots

Those of us who live in the city know what sort of smells, sights and sounds it can bring. That’s why some people still refuse to live in the city themselves. What if though, someone came up with a way to not only improve city life, but improve on all of those facets? Enter Luciano Pia of Turin, Italy. He’s decided to combine houses and forestry in one living space! This not only helps with looks and sounds, it even makes the area smell better. Not too mention, cleaner air! So, what do you think?

It kind of does make everything look better …
makes everything look better

Do you think it can improve city life?
meant to help city life

It’s an Urban Treehouse!
urban treehouse

Gorgeous-looking all around.
would you live there

Would you live here?
looks pretty great