Flourish & Strengthen All Your Relationships By Understanding Some Simple Concepts About Communication

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By James Reubin

I believe that living in another country, far away from your family and friends, changes you in many ways. However, there are some things that I think will always remain the same.

Last Friday, when I got home from work, I welcomed the weekend by having some alone time and watching this old movie titled Ted. I would assume that you’re all familiar with it. And for those of you who are not, it’s a story of friendship between a guy and his Teddy Bear who came alive.

Anyway, while I was half way through the movie, I started to feel some emptiness inside me. I suddenly felt homesick and realized that I was missing my friends back home. It’s not that I don’t have any friends here but there’s a big difference I couldn’t quite describe. Let’s just say that it’s a kind of experience that plays between strangeness and familiarity.

On the brighter side, I just needed to wait 7 months more before I could finally feel that sense of home again. I’ll be going back to my country and will soon be reunited with my loved ones. I can’t wait to taste local foods again and snuggle back into my old bed in my hometown.

Your relationships, whether it’s with your friends, family, partner, or with your co-workers, need constant care to flourish and to become better. Aside from accommodating differences, it is also important to invest time in developing trust for long-lasting connection.

When you apply the following suggestions in your life, I am confident that you’ll be able to cultivate the best relationships you’ll ever have.

Make Your Marriage a Priority

Whether you’re married or still dating, it is important to revel in your exclusivity. Give you relationship a chance to cocoon by doing something together regularly. Make sure that it’s just the two of you together – no one else, nothing else.

Nowadays, technology is blurring the lines between your personal and professional life. It keeps you distracted at home and interferes with your quiet time.

In the piece “Facebook Is Probably Damaging Your Relationship Way More Than You Think,” writer Chad Burrows reminds you that your social media tools are not your actual life so you better not invest a ridiculous amount of your time on it.

Relationship status updates, airing your dirty laundry on your wall posts and scrolling Facebook instead of spending some quality time with your partner, have no real life significance. If you can’t stop yourself from staring at your phone when you’re supposed to be cuddling with your loved one, it is only a matter of time before it becomes your regular headache and fuel more drama in your life.

Encourage Communication

Taking care of relationships is not easy. But in my opinion, the best strategy to keep it peaceful and loving is to have an open and effective communication.

Sharing your problems with your partner and sorting it out together not only make things easier but it also strengthens the levels of trust, honesty and respect that you have for each other.

This strategy also applies in your business. For instance, if you want to establish good and healthy relationships with your employees, you can conduct regular meetings to learn more about their views and set goals with them.

According to writer Rose Leadem, the complete recipe for one-on-one meetings includes:

• Motivating your employees through a simple act of appreciation
• Making them feel important by respecting their ideas
• Giving employees a sense of belongingness by involving them in setting goals for the company
• Paying attention to the improvements in their performance and providing them career advancement opportunities

Making important decisions can be much easier if you try to do a mental shift from “me” to “we.” Be a leader, who brings out the best in your team; and not a boss, who’s so focused on just pointing out what’s wrong.

Pay Attention to Your Emotional Health

Learn to spend time with yourself in positive ways. Establish healthy boundaries. Allot time that would allow you to reconnect with yourself and with your own desires.

Having an opportunity with yourself allows you to validate your own self and eliminate the risk of using your relationship as a source of your own validation and satisfaction. It encourages you to become independent instead of being constantly needy and lost.

Also, if you can identify your needs and assess your own condition, it becomes easier to understand your partner and work on your own problems with less distress.

To help you cultivate a sense of self-awareness, check this out – – “Why Anger is Good For You + 5 ways to Express It.”

Knowing how to express your anger in a healthy way is not only good for your mind, body and spirit but for your relationships as well.

Understand Issues & Deal with It Fairly

One of the biggest causes of failed relationships is the inability to fix a problem.

In your family relationship, for example, ignoring the issues can fuel misunderstanding and anger which can eventually lead to bigger chasms.

So, clear the air by having a fair discussion with your loved ones and being open and honest about your feelings and concerns. Be careful with your words by staying away from gossips, insults and criticisms. Also, learn to accept differences and don’t forget to apologize especially when you’re wrong.

Remember that you’re a team. You should be each other’s cheerleaders. You should be supporting each other’s happiness and success and not pulling each other down because of envy or jealousy.