Want to See What We’re Doing to The Planet? A Little Overpopulation Never Hurt Anyone!

By Richard K. Noots

We have more people than ever before on Earth, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For one, it means we have better access to many things that our ancestor’s did not. On the other side of the coin however, we’re also causing vast amounts of change across our planet. Granted, much of it is because of things or processes we do that are practically necessary these days, but that doesn’t change the fact the people should be made aware of this. Though we may never stop fully interfering with nature, the sooner we reduce our negative effects, the better!

Impressive, but whoa!
impressive, bot whoa

Indonesia being exploited for people who like Palms.
indonesia being exploitde for palms

Although we replace them, is it really the same?
lsot trees

Mir Mine, Largest of Diamond Mines
mir mine

Mucho trash here.
mucho trash in indonesia

Terrible, yet oddly beautiful.
ocean fire, terrible and beautiful

Just another oil field!
oil field

Remember these?
remember these

Brazil, re-purposing their part of the Amazon.
repurposing the amazon jungle

Can’t even breathe around this river.
yellow river is hard to breathe around