Want to Get Started on a Good Work Out? 3 Things to Know so You’re Not Wasting Time

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Image by: By SmithGreg
By Charlie DeWitts

So, you’re thinking about a finally giving your body some time and dedication this season, eh? It’s never a bad idea to focus on making your body more functional for whatever purpose you need. For starters, don’t just run off writing down the next exercise and diet plan you see on Men’s Fitness. This is especially true if you’re unfamiliar with the territory of gyms or working out at home. For the love of God, put that credit card away too. You don’t need any powders just yet.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the holiday season is approaching rapidly. So as determined as you are right now, you will slack off a bit in the coming months. The best thing to keep in mind is to not get discouraged. Slip ups will happen, so try and give yourself some time off when your favorite holidays come up. Otherwise, do your best to keep to the schedule you set out to make. As for what exactly you should tailor your work out for, that’s what we’re here for!

#1) What’s your goal?

When it comes to fitness, what are you trying to improve? It’s important to have a good attainable goal in mind that isn’t unrealistic. If you have an extra hundred pounds of fat, don’t expect to look like Sly Stallone in six months. Similarly, if your a buck forty, don’t expect to turn into a World Class bodybuilder in a manner of months either.

Knowing this will help you narrow down what it is exactly you should do for exercises, and how much time you need to put into them. What works for one group of people will not work for another, so let us take a look at what your work out schedule should look like:

Get Big

If large muscles is your ideal thing, you’re going to want to increase everything you do. Eating and working out for starters. Generally speaking, gaining over twenty-five pounds of muscles requires dedication. Your work out days will usually be five or six days, and one-to-two hours a day per routine.

Get Small

If losing weight is your dream, this will be done a bit differently. The best thing to do is reduce your caloric consumption until your achieved weight is managed. Generally speaking, you only want to imbibe around 1,500 calories, but consult a nutrition if you don’t care to do research yourself. As for working out, this is up to you. In the case of losing weight, working out can be done 3-6 days a week, from a half hour to two hours a day. What you’re trying to accomplish here is burning off any excess calories your body may have acquired, and a little extra.

Get Healthy and Toned

This one is usually the favorite. Once you reach a stable weight, usually you only want a plus or minus of ten pounds to achieve what your ideal look is (less or more muscle/fat). Therefore your work out only really has to be four or five times a week, an hour at most.

#2) What kind of exercises should I do?

There are so many varieties of work outs and exercises that exist in our world it’ll make your head spin. Research as much as you can and pick a bunch that appeal to you. As mentioned before, the real trick to losing weight is high heart rate work outs and calorie counting. The secret to gaining muscle is larger caloric intakes and longer, more strenuous work outs (Still with a high heart rate.)

The divide that usually happens is: should you use free-weight body exercises or dedicate yourself as a gym rat? Personally, I feel that unless you’re trying to build all of the muscle, you can do most of what you need at home. In that case, gyms are really a matter of personal preference. You can even combine the two, and spend a few days at the gym and a few at home. Gyms can become a bit of a hassle to visit if you have busy days, however.

#3) Any other advice?

Perseverance. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but the only person that can motivate you is You. Keep this in mind, because everyday will be a bit of a struggle until you build a habit. The best time to get started on your work out is in the mornings, if able. If not, try and get it out of the way as soon as your done with work. The quicker you get it out of the way each day, the easier it will be to get used to doing it. Remember, it’s all on you, good sir!

Do you work out? What advice can you give to those who have never worked out a single day in their life?