This Young Inventor’s Vision Is to Launch the Largest Ocean Clean-Up In History

By Anne Cacherell

Aside from millions of marine animals that die each year due to plastic pollution, thousands of humans get sick as well from toxic chemicals accumulated in the food chain. In this regard, Dutch inventor, environmentalist and aerospace engineering student Boyan Slat designed a technology that would extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution through massive rotating ocean currents.

With the help of his Ocean Clean-Up Foundation and its group of 100 scientists and engineers, this 20-year-old inventor aims to launch the largest ocean clean-up in history.


According to the foundation, a 100km clean-up could eradicate 42% or over 70m kg of plastic waste of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a 10-year timeline.


In order to develop the design, the Ocean Clean-Up Foundation will launch a 2km trial system in Japan, which will become the world’s longest floating structure in coastal waters in 2016.



The company also estimates that this method would only cost around $5USD per kg of plastic pollutants, which is only 3% of other clean-up costs.


It is good to know that there are people who are committed to protecting our environment, particularly the oceans and marine resources. What can you say about Boyan Slat’s invention? What can you do to help improve the condition of our natural resources? Share with us your thoughts.