This Wrestler Gives a Boy Battling Kidney Disease, His Best Day Ever

By Anne Cacherell

Granting people’s wishes, particularly those with a life-threatening medical condition, doesn’t only make the recipients happy, but it also inspires others to be kind and to create the change they want in the world. Make-A-Wish Foundation has been known for strengthening and empowering kids that are fighting for their lives by granting their wishes, big or small. Recently, this charitable organization reached out to the famous WWE celebrity John Cena to fulfill a young wrestling fan’s dream.

Born with a left kidney that didn’t work and a right kidney that only functions at 40%, 7-year-old Orange County Boy Kenneth “KJ” Lamar has been battling with major health problems since the day he was born. At the age of 6, he was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. He had to go on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant. In October last year, KJ received his new kidney and is currently on medication to make sure his body doesn’t reject his new organ.

Upon learning of the boy’s wish, John Cena agreed to meet KJ, introduced him to other wrestlers and brought him into the ring with him. Find out how he made this little child happy and how he gave him his best day ever by watching the video.

Sometimes, granting someone’s simple wish can be a real game changer. Have you ever experienced fulfilling a child’s simple dream? Share with us your story.