This Postman Doesn’t Take Any Chances With Dogs. Want to See How?

By Kenny G. Thompson

In Australia, they call their postman Posties. I’ve no idea why, but it does sound cool. Anyway, this Postie in particular came up with an ingenious method for dealing with his local canine. I won’t spoil it, but he does have permission from the dog owners. What’s more interesting, is the fact that he knows every dog on his route. And the people. How many times have you been friendly with your mailman? My usually comes in secret … How sad.


  1. Aidan25 says:

    That’s really cool how he has come up with a way to befriend the dogs and their owners. I’m not sure that something like this would work here in the states since our mailmen always seem to come and no one knows about it.

  2. Jeffery9078 says:

    Smart Postie! Dogs love their treats and will soon recognize who’s going to give them one. Of course, there’s still the hard core ones who will bite your leg at the first opportunity. I think it would be kind of fun to befriend the dogs.

  3. Garrett7160 says:

    I actually thought about being a postman once. I even wondered about how to handle the dogs. I know it’s a pretty basic idea to offer the dogs food, but it works. I really like his scooter too and the fact that they can ride on the grass.

  4. RobBob says:

    I agree he’s a smart postman. Dogs have great memories and remember people who are nice to them. Occasionally you will get a dog that just does not like people and treats won’t help. I delivered newspapers as a teenager and for those nasty dogs you circle around them.

  5. Everett72 says:

    That`s true, they do sort of seem to come and go quickly. There are places where people still befriend their postal workers, but getting to be less and less. Then again, I think maybe we keep the dogs inside more too.

  6. Mickey82 says:

    It’s easy to see he likes dogs, which is a good thing. I wish that all the owners with aggressive dogs kept them away from the public though. Can you imagine a kid walking past some of those barking and snarling dogs?

  7. StevenL says:

    Postal workers have to be pretty smart to dodge the hazard of dogs that bark or chase them, but at least they can leave the mail in a box away from the house. In some countries they have to go right to the door, risking grumpy dogs in the yard and inside the house!

  8. HunterD says:

    We have a garbage pickup guy that does this with the dogs in the neighborhood. Since he’s outside of his truck loading garbage he runs into a lot of dogs. He keeps treats in his pocket and the neighborhood dogs get excited when they see him coming.

  9. BLenny says:

    That is really smart of the garbage truck driver. This postman has it down pat with these dogs. Dogs remember when you treat them with respect and treats!

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