This Paralyzed Man Put Out a Plea On Facebook & the Internet Responded In the Best Way Possible

By Jack Day

I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to spend my life confined to a wheelchair like 30-year-old Domingo Matos, who has been a quadriplegic now for 11 years. The simple daily tasks we take for granted are mountains to Domingo.

Just last week he was trying to maneuver his motorized wheelchair down his narrow front walkway and the whole thing tipped over, causing him to hit head.  And this not the first time it happened.  Unable to afford the necessary landscaping to widen the walkway, Domingo posted a plea on Facebook for help to cover the cost. And in true internet fashion, someone responded.

Owner of the landscaping company Outdoor Perfections, Derek Jenks sprung into action and within hours his crew was dispatched to the residence of Domingo Matos to get to work. They labored endlessly to finish the wider, safer walkway before storms rolled in and when it was complete Domingo had a whole 5 feet of berth to wind his way out of the house.

Watch the video to see how the whole thing came together and gave Domingo an experience he will never forget thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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