This Man Encourages You to Put Your Money Where Your “Art” Is

By Anne Cacherell

Utilizing the power of social media to spread acts of kindness is just brilliant. Brandon Walker, founding artistic director of a theatre company called The Seeing Place, created this campaign to raise awareness about art.

To be a part of this project, all you have to do is write “#Use this for art” on a $20 bill and then donate it to an artist or purchase something that matters to you that is art-related like a ticket for a stage play. After that, share a video of yourself stating why the art of your choice matters and choose 3 of your friends to accept the challenge.

It’s good to put your money where your heart is and where your art is. Do you have a campaign in mind that could help people in your community? Why don’t you start a project of your own? Promote kindness and inspire others by sharing this video. Also, don’t forget to leave us your comments below.