This Irish Rocker Wants to Expose the Stigma on Male Depression

By Kenny G. Thompson

A stigma exists on male depression. All sorts of mental illness affect both genders without regard for their personal pride. Yet, the backlash on men admitting to suffering from depression creates even worse problems for those afflicted. Problems that can end in the terrible solution named Suicide. Irish rock star Niall Breslin is a man who has battled with depression for most of his life, and he wants change. Specifically, he wants people without illness to be more understanding. To that I say Good Luck!


  1. Mason29 says:

    I agree that more people should be more understanding to people that have this disease. I have seen it first hand in my own family and it is a very difficult disease to live with, not only for the person affected, but for the people around them. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand why they feel the way that they do. I’m glad that someone in the spot light is trying to raise awareness about this.

  2. Richardthelyonharted says:

    Good for him for speaking out. I think the numbers are even higher than we are all aware of. It`s time for people in the public eye to speak out about it and raise awareness. I`m quite pleased this is happening.

  3. Kentucky Blue says:

    I agree. I think people in general seem to be more accepting of women talking about depression, while men are meant to maintain a macho front and appear immune to such things. This kind of publicity is very important.

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