This Innovation Will Make Every Modern Man’s Dream Come True

By Anne Cacherell

It is every modern man’s wildest dream to own a flying car. After so many decades of waiting, it is finally here. Terrafugia, a small, privately held American corporation, is currently developing the future of personal transportation called TF-X, a roadable, computer-controlled, four-seat aircraft with wings. This hybrid-electric vehicle can fit into a standard single-car garage and can take off and land vertically with its “auto-landing” feature at approved sites.

Founded in 2006 by MIT Aeronautics and Management graduates in Woburn, Massachusetts, Terrafugia had initially projected the delivery of its first transition units for around $279,000 in 2015 or 2016. However, due to recent developments and upgrades, the delivery of the plane-car hybrid may take a couple more years with an estimated price of $400,000. Learn more about this exciting and cool car technology by watching the video.

I think this is really the future of transportation. Conquering the skies is the only way to go. Are you excited to ride or at least see a flying car? Spread this story by sharing it to your friends. Also, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.