This Filmmaker Needs Your Help In His Quest to Better Understand Alzheimer’s

By Jack Day

Documentary filmmaker Max Lugavere wants your help. He wants you to go on a journey with him to understand the latest science behind Alzheimer’s that may very well help future generations from avoiding the disease entirely. How? Max, along with some of the leading neuroscientists involved in the study of Alzheimer’s, believe in phenomena referred to as Type 3 Diabetes, or Diabetes of the brain. Along with geneticists and other experts in various areas of brain research Max plans to set out and see how preventable the horrible disease really is. He already exceeded his initial asking amount of $75,000 on KickStarter, but you can still pledge for 11 more days if you share in his vision. The whole project began as a result of Max’s mom getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, with absolutely no prior family history. That is the reason the film is such a personal journey and more. Max says it’s,”..a film about you, about me, about your’s about everyone you’ve ever know who had a brain.”

Max has taken this very personal family strife and turned into a larger than life quest to understanding the root cause of one of the worst diseases in America. Pretty impressive and very inspiring. What do you think about his quest? Would you be willing to help the guy out, or at least check out the finished product? Alzheimer’s is truly horrible so it will be interesting to see what, if any, new science has been discovered.