This Dose of Nostalgia Magic May Inspire You to Play With Toys Again

By Jack Day

I love that we live in a world where nothing ever really gets old anymore because there is always a new way to keep the past alive.  For instance I have not played with LEGO‘s in 20 years, and probably haven’t really watched the Simpsons in at least 10 or more. But now that LEGO is releasing this new Kwik -E- Mart set in May, I feel extremely nostalgic and am compelled to purchase it.





If for no other reason than to own two pieces of my childhood that mated I am also considering buying the first baby the two had when they made the Simpson house.





I am not simply promoting LEGO toys with story, rather I am totally nerding out on how awesome this is and can only hope that you are sharing that sentiment in this moment of joy.



This kind of makes me wish 7-Eleven would release a special “Syrup only Slurpee” like the one Bart and Milhouse had in Season 5 Episode 8.  You know, in the name of further keeping pop culture alive in the hearts of the people.  That and I kind of want to taste an all syrup Slurpee once in my life.




So are you going to live the dream and own a piece of history that is sure to become a collectable?  Or are you already the proud owner of previous releases?  Please share your stories and any other great memories of these two classics.