This Baby is Flying, But That’s Not The Greatest Part of His Story

By Richard K. Noots

Poor William Lawerence had the unfortunate occurrence of being born with Down Syndrome. His father, Alan, wants to show his kid to not let that get him down though. So, aside from creating a Kickstarter in order to help more children just like his son, he also creates these great pictures! It’s just a little photo shopping, but it goes a long way. Don’t you want to see this baby’s adventures?

Better than MJ.
better than mj

Checking out the woods.
checking out the woods

Excellent refereeing.
excellent refing

With a bit of a graze on the way home.

He’s getting away!
he's getting away

Met you your match?
met his match

Let me get that book for you …
need help getting that book

None can stop him!
none ca nstop him

Screw you, ET!
screw you et

You know she wants him.
shes gota crush