The Things that Could Happen When You Finally Stop Resisting the Changes In Your Life

Image by: Unsplash
By Ronnie Toofan

Last night, I was watching an episode of The Flash. Just in case you’re not familiar with this TV series, it’s about a guy named Barry Allen who became a superhero and has supersonic speed. And because of his power to move really, really fast, he can break the time-space continuum, enabling him to travel back in time and into parallel universes.

You know, for any story to be interesting you need to have conflicts. In this show, I’ve realized that one of Barry Allen’s personal issues is his inability to accept the past and move on. This attitude problem of his has resulted in a lot of the major complications in the story, which then cause even bigger problems.

Anyway, in my opinion, it’s like this: In his desperation to correct his past mistakes, to bring back certain people that he had lost along the way and to keep things the way he wanted, he ended up miscalculating, making things worse and making his friends suffer and pay for his mistakes.

Resisting changes that life brings can be a very heavy burden on your shoulders. There’s no winning with that kind of mindset. You’re defeated before you can even start. So, instead of fighting back, believe that everything happens for a reason, accept your past and build on it.

Here are some of the amazing things that could happen when you start embracing the things that you cannot control in life.

You’ll Practice Your Ability to Start Over

Life is about learning. You get lost, you screw up and things around you fall apart, but after the storm, you always have the chance to learn from your mistakes, move on, and start again. That’s a kind of power that’s available to all of human beings and no one can take that away from you without your consent.

When you start to accept that there are things in this life that cannot be, you are also recognizing your ability to rebuild yourself, begin a new chapter, and celebrate a new chance to try again.

In love, for example, you know you have to let go and just accept that you’re not right for each other when you’ve already exhausted everything to make your relationship work. So, move on and take advantage of your chance to be happy again. Just remember not to bring baggage such as unhealthy behavior patterns, trust issues, and unrealistic expectations that can sabotage your new relationship.

You’ll Be More Motivated

When I first applied for a job, I had no idea how to properly answer interview questions. So, I was rejected, but I moved on and turned those negative experiences into something useful by studying how I could perform better in interviews.

Acceptance is a great motivator. When you decide to move on for the better, you’ll be more inspired to set better goals for yourself and be more driven to do better.

When you’re an entrepreneur, for instance, in order for you to keep up with the developments, you have to learn to accommodate your customers’ increasing needs and welcome growth as it happens. You should be open to constant improvement of your business.

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You’ll Get to Sleep Better Every Night

Once you begin to move on, you will immediately notice significant improvement in your health. As you shake off those negative energies, you’ll have more peace of mind and you will become a happier person. And without all the worries, you’ll be able to eat better and sleep better every night.

And speaking of getting good night’s rest, Dr. Matthew J. Edlund shares simple ways on how you can consistently get enough sleep and keep your biological clock healthy.

You’ll Have More Choices

When you choose not to dwell on your frustrations and learn to accept harsh realities, you’ll see more opportunities and you’ll become more aware of the simple and wonderful details around you like the aroma of your coffee and the way the breeze feels on your skin while you drive in open air.

In the piece “Life Isn’t About What Happens to You, It’s About How You React to It,” writer Nick Darlington emphasizes how your attitude is more important than your past, your circumstances and your failures.

There will always be things and events in life that will occur whether you like it or not. And regardless of whether or not the consequences of these circumstances are not convenient for you, your attitude will determine if you will be able to make it or break it.  So, instead of finding someone to blame, regretting your decisions and making excuses, choose to rise from the pain, embody positivity and be more responsible.