These Two Boys Put Their Courage On Display & the Results Are Moving

By Jack Day

Courage. It is not always a readily accessible function of being human.  It takes a lot to muster it and for some it never comes. defines it this way:

“the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” 
It’s actually a very cathartic act in that the one emboldened by it’s power and acting on it is doing so under the assumption that the end consequences hold no morality. It gives the mind and body a jump start and sheds a layer of emotion that had become too heavy.  Caution not thrown, but cannon blasted to the wind.  That is what these two boys did when they got in front of their peers and expressed how the mistreatment they receive cuts them up inside.  It’s a raw display of emotion and the face to face battle with one’s fears that is often championed in our society, but not seen enough.  This clip comes from the documentary Happy, which explores the many forms and figures of that ever elusive emotion.
What do you think of how these boys handled their aggressors?  I think it’s more complicated inside, but a good step in the right direction.  Please share any of your stories or experiences, it might just help someone!