These Good Samaritans Launched the First Privately Funded Search & Rescue Project For Migrants In Distress

By Anne Cacherell

This video features a wealthy good Samaritan couple, Chris and Regina Catrambone, who founded a humanitarian search and rescue operation that helps overcrowded migrant boats in distress in the central Mediterranean Sea known as Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

The two philanthropists were moved by the unprecedented number of lives that perished at sea from fleeing North Africa to seek asylum in Europe. Together with a strong crew of 18 featuring seafarers, rescuers, paramedics and doctors, the Catrambones set out in their own 136-foot expedition vessel, The Phoenix, and launched their inaugural mission.

Aside from inflatable boats and life jackets, the ship is also equipped with two infrared camcopter drones that can scan up to a 70 mile radius to help them find the migrants.

Almost 5,000 lives were saved since MOAS’ first search and rescue.

On their website, MOAS said, “Our primary aim is to prevent loss of life, not to ferry migrants. However, if a situation arises where search and rescue authorities request MOAS to intervene, we will obey orders from start to finish. This includes disembarkation, the location of which will not be determined by MOAS, but by the authorities, and according to the laws of the sea.”

It is very comforting to know that some people in this world still care more for human lives than money. Do you think these good samaritans’ mission in helping migrants that are making perilous crossing in the Mediterranean can eradicate deaths at the sea at the greatest extent possible? Share with us your opinion.