These Boat Drawings Will Blow Your Mind

By Richard K. Noots

Tom Crestodina likes to draw boats. He also likes to draw boats with his son. Since Tom works in the fishing industry, he has a large base of knowledge on the subject and he loves drawing. So, why not combine them together? Tom and his son work hard, but the product is definitely worth a look. It kind of makes me sad that I’ve barely been on any boats in my life. What a modern marvel!

If animals ruled.
1 if animals ruled

This makes me think of Forest Gump. Of course.
2 forest gump

Catch that skiff!
3 skiff

Immigration, ho!
4 immigratio

Cruising Oceania.
5 cruising

Not the Jelly Fish!
6 not the jelly fish

DEEP Sea Fishing
deep sea fishing