The Facts About the CIA Torture Incident: Presented by John McCain
By Richard K. Noots

John McCain might be a little off from time-to-time, but that can happen as people get older. While the state of Arizona is a hodgepodge of good and bad political decisions, John McCain can have some fine words to say. You might have missed this speech from a couple months back that John McCain made in response to the CIA torture incident that you all might remember keeps coming up as more information has poured out over the years. His words may be harsh, but I got to say … He hits the nail on the head.


  1. HunterD says:

    They call it enhanced interrogation techniques when it is basically torture. I agree that it was ineffective and just plain wrong. How does this make us the better people?

  2. LostAble says:

    I know they justify it in the name of national security but torture is torture. If they were torturing these people and getting nothing from it, why continue. It makes you no better than the creeps you are trying to fight.

  3. Aaren says:

    I don’t agree with these interrogation techniques. How does performing these forms of interrogation make us any different than other countries who take our people hostage? I don’t think these people respond well to those types of situations. We need to come up with better ways to get the information that we need.

  4. RobBob says:

    I think that is the problem that he is trying to get across. We are not a better nation when we do these things to people. You’d think we would be beyond those types of tactics.

  5. BLenny says:

    It doesn’t make us better people but in their minds it was the way to try to obtain information. Obviously they say it got them nowhere as he says. I’m not sure how they justify it really.

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