Take a Look at The Future of London Public Transportation

By Richard K. Noots

The city of London has been focusing it’s efforts on public transportation these past few years, and one of their biggest goals was improving the underground railways. Today, they’re ahead of schedule and it looks like everything is coming together. Take a look at these early stages, you’ll only see people walking around these tunnels now. Soon, they’ll be filled with 200,000 passengers traveling to their destinations, or you know … Tea.

Tottenham Court Road Station
200,000 tottenham court road station

This Crossrail looks interesting …

It’s huge!

As you can tell, they’ve been building many tunnels.
more tunnel

Over 23 miles, to be exact.
The tunneling is mostly complete, 23 miles of it

I think we’re a bit cooler than ants after seeing all this in action.