See How This Car vs. Train Duel Ended In Heroic Fashion

By Anne Cacherell

Staying calm and focused in case of emergencies can save lives. On August 3, Monday, two police officers set a good example by pulling the man out of his car just few seconds before a train crashed into it.

California heroes, namely Deputies Lance Whitted and Erik Rueppel of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department found the car stuck on the tracks at South Mary Avenue intersection in Sunnyvale. As the train was approaching, the two police officers went into action and dragged the driver by the arm to safety. Seconds later, the train smashed the hood of the car into pieces.

For police officers, extraordinary circumstances and unexpected emergency situations are normal in a day’s work. They are willing to put their lives in danger just to make sure that our community is free from danger. Do you think these officers deserve to be called real life heroes? Share with us your thoughts.