Searching For An Alternative To Expensive Google Advertising?

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By Gordon J. Pruitt

It’s good to be the king. But for many, Google is a royal pain in the ass. The Big G’s AdWords and AdSense prices are on the uptick, causing consternation among web-based business owners who, these days, have to spend more to achieve the same.You love the Internet, but damn is it getting expensive to make money with your content and online products.

Fortunately, there are several challengers to the Google kingdom who are rising to the occasion, proverbial white knights in the digital realm. And several of them have proven able to achieve better results (than you-know-who) and boost your bottom line.

Yes, you can cut the cord and optimize your potential. Google that.


Content discovery platform Outbrain offers business owners several different ways to increase revenue and personalize the viewing experience. Industry giants like CNN love Outbrain because their system can drive traffic to their site as well as introduce new revenue streams. Their Amplify technology keeps visitors browsing your site content longer by helping them realize there is more great stuff to read besides the page they are on now. In turn, Amplify also recommends other content on other sites that is similar to yours – and vice versa – creating a kind of frenzy of information that yields bigger returns for all.

That’s right – get your content onto “premium” publisher sites and increase your traffic. And they’ve been quite successful – so far 90,000 sites use Outbrain technology. Consequently, Outbrain has some great click-through rates and can offer cheaper-than-AdWords marketing buys.


Taboola is to video what Outbrain is to words (although Outbrain is now charging hard toward video as well). Through their forward-thinking video recommendation technology, Taboola can grow your video content viewership by leaps and bounds and get you synced and linked with the big boys like TMZ and The New York Times. Their innovative widget adds content to your inventory and boosts your bottom line by sharing ad revenue. Say it with me now … Taboola.


Mochila is all about monetizing your site by securing greater advertising deals for your valuable content. They are heavy into the advertising side of things which gives them a broader base of marketers to choose from, resulting in high-quality, targeted ads on your site. Mochila also features a robust consulting mechanism as well as content integration and digital asset management to help your business grow.


Kontera looms large in the in-text advertisement game, for sure. But the folks at Kontera can also use their “powers” to position your links on blogs and in articles, which can really increase awareness and traffic. But Kontera is so much more – they also pony up mobile solutions and promotions in the social media market. Biggies like Kellogg’s have used Kontera to great advantage.


Is your AdSense campaign under performing? Did Google give you the boot? Chitika uses deep data analysis to improve the advertising experience for the browser. Their “right ad to the right user at the right time” approach fits both advertisers and publishers like a glove. This is nerd stuff here for sure, but 200,000 sites and nearly a decade of success can’t be wrong. Can it? A low entry level $10 buy can get you in play with Chitika and – get this – they won’t ban you like AdSense can (and does). Ad relevency is the key here, and that’s where Chitika shines.