Remember When You Did Things With Your Parents? Well, These Guys Went Overboard
By Kenny G. Thompson

One time, my dad and I built a woodblock with wheels meant to compete in a Boyscout race among others who also built similar objects meant for racing. Unfortunately, we didn’t put any time into it and it collided with a wall less than five seconds in. These guys have far more determination. This father/son duo managed to build an entire yacht, that’s even fully functional! Despite my previous failures, projects like this give me hope to do more, what about you?


  1. Romero says:

    That’s amazing. How they managed to build that yacht in that small space is crazy. I think it’s wonderful when father and son can work together on something they both enjoy.

  2. rudol55 says:

    I do remember making things with my dad and my grandpa. These guys have gone way above and beyond. Amazing! I love it. I hope my son and I do something like this.

  3. rudol55 says:

    It is amazing isn’t it? I am impressed. What a great bond they have formed by spending so much time together. I can only hope that my son and I do something like this.

  4. Torrance says:

    I remember very well creating things with my dad, nothing like this of course. I always watched my dad with electronics repair, he was big into making things out of circuit boards. I hope to be able to do things like this with my own son someday.

  5. ToddBT2 says:

    WOW! I think the thing that surprised me the most was that they would even attempt to do a project like this in the backyard. However, it looks like they did a great job because the boat looks beautiful.

  6. RainerB says:

    Talk about a tight squeeze in that yard. This is something they can share together for a long time. I don’t think my father and I ever made anything that huge. It is a beautiful boat.

  7. Johnson60 says:

    I am always looking for new projects to work on with my daughter, but I’ve never imagined taking on something like this! I won’t necessarily be building a yacht anytime soon, but it’s really inspirational to me and it’s motivated me to do more as a dad.

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