Product Creation Secrets – Quick and Easy Tips to Use Articles to Create Products

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By Fabian Tan

Many article marketers that I have seen think of article marketing in pretty much very straightforward terms – write articles and submit them to directories. You can do much more with articles – such as converting them into traffic-generating videos, turning them into blog posts, or compiling them into complete information products that you can sell for a huge profit.

One example of how re-using content can make you rich is Seth Godin’s book Small Is The New Big. He simply compiled the blog posts he had made over the years (essentially short articles) and made them into a book! It sold like crazy although it was essentially content that was already available. Why? Because it is much easier to access all the information in one package than have to sift through a mass of information. So this is one method of creating an ebook easily – simply compile the articles you have written. Not only do you get traffic from the articles, you get an easy instant product created. Not bad huh?

Also, when you are writing articles, you are gaining experience on the topic and also on writing killer content that readers will love. The more you write on your topic, the more confidence you gain and this means you will start writing with more authority. People love to listen to authority figures. Also, this translates into creating higher-quality products that will sell well, build your credibility and enhance your reputation in the market place. I think product creation and articles are a match made in heaven!

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