One Person Wanted This Mess Cleaned Up, So He Did It Himself!

By Richard K. Noots

A man in the Netherlands by the name of Tommy Kleyn always took his bike to work everyday. And everyday, he’d see the same big piles of trash right on the river. Eventually, he decided to do something about it. First, he started waking up earlier. Then, every day he would fill up one trashbag before he went to work. Soon, he started to get noticed by locals and friends. Now that they finished this part, you won’t believe how it looks!

The long haul begins.
began to pick up

Dirt River
dirt river

Every morning of every day.
every morning

Here’s his plan of attack.
heres the map

It wasn’t enough, however.
it wasnt enough

So, he began posting on his Facebook.
so he vowed to do it everyday

His friends soon began to help out.
some friends helped out

Now …
this only took six days

The difference is clear!
z the difference is clear