Looking to Lose the Muffin Top? 3 Exercises to Build Your Ultimate Cardio Workout

Image by: LocalFitness
By Giovanni Fields

Virtually everybody wants to lose weight, but not everybody wants to invest the time and energy into concocting and executing an ingenious cardio routine that results in the fat loss desired. The thought of spending hours of your existence on a treadmill or elliptical can be draining, but lo and behold, there are many other forms of cardio you can utilize that are far less tedious than the previously mentioned.

Of course it shouldn’t matter whether or not the task at hand is boring or exciting, as long as you’re achieving the results. But since we humans have such short attention spans, and typically dread doing things that we physically don’t want to do, being diverse in your cardio workout is essential for maximum results. The same old routine may initially be effective, but if you find the workouts increasingly repetitious then you will likely either hit a plateau or lose motivation.

So in case you’re struggling to assemble your regime, here are a few options you can mix together to create the ultimate cardio workout.

#1) Boxing

Boxing is often times overlooked as a primary cardio workout, but the truth is it can be just as effective as any other cardiovascular exercise. Although boxing workouts can be quite vigorous, they do well to increase strength, endurance and speed. Things like the speed-bag, heavy-bag, shadow boxing, and even sparring all require high levels of cardiac output and after even just minutes of executing one of these movements at maximum intensity, you would could have burned more calories than many other forms of exercise.

The thought of signing up for a boxing gym to accommodate just one cardio task may seem a bit pricey, but fortunately most large chain gyms have a specific section complete with heavy bags and speed bags (you can shadow box virtually anywhere). But if you’re one of the lucky few who can actually afford to enroll into a boxing gym then you will find that this alone can complete your ultimate cardio routine. Often times boxing gyms are adorned with jump-ropes, treadmills and large padded rings in which you can spar to your hearts desire. Of course, before considering this, be sure you’re prepared to step into the ring, as punches in the face can prove to be quite devastating to say the least.

#2) Road Work

The best part of this type exercise is the simple fact that it’s free, accessible and extremely convenient. No gym membership needed, no unsightly equipment lingering in select areas of your household, and the opportunities to meet countless other like minded individuals. What is this method of cardio I speak of, you ask? Road work! Well, boxing enthusiasts typically refer to it as roadwork, but if you’re an everyday Joe you might just know of it as jogging down your sidewalk, around town or down select trails and pathways.

While this is a great, inexpensive form of cardio that is available to everybody it does have some drawbacks that may put you off. Weather can prove to hinder your jogging outings, as ice, snow and slippery terrain can can be extremely dangerous and uncomfortable to forge through on a regular basis. The remote possibility of being hit by a car can also be off putting, but if you’ve got your reflector jacket handy then by all means feel free to indulge yourself. Also, bike riding can be an effective means of not only getting your cardio blood pumping, but can also be a great way to commute to work, school and or other places alike. Save money, preserve the environment (by saving gas), and burn calories at the same time? I know, too good to be true…

#3) Gym Cardio

Not daring enough to hold your own in a testosterone filled boxing gym? Afraid of being spontaneously hit by a car during one of your bicycle outings? No worries, your local gym will have everything you need to complete your ultimate routine. Stair climbers, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical’s and many other forms of cardio equipment are in abundance at most gyms, and the diversity of these different machines will do well to keep your routine fresh–which will keep you from hitting the dreaded plateau.

Not only are gyms filled with cardio specific equipment, but they’re also laden with resistance machines that can also help with your cardio movements. Using weights and machines to achieve a cardiac effect is known as circuit training. Though a tough workout that also has an anaerobic effect, it just as well provides you with the aerobic effect. High volume compound movements with increased reps and higher weights are great for targeting specific areas of the body, tagging those unsightly areas that are tough to reach via the basic treadmill and jogging routine.

Coupling this type of exercise with the other forms of exercise listed above will leave you slim, trim and very much satisfied with your appearance in due time.

Have you successfully built the ultimate cardio routine and witnessed results too amazing for words? Try your best to describe your routine in the comment section below. We appreciate it!