Live Longer By Following These Three Steps

Image by: torbakhopper
By Kurt Garrity

The government says that you will live to the ripe old age of 78, statistically speaking. But that’s not good enough for you, the successful man. You love your life and want to get the most out of it. Cha-ching.

I mean, think of how many dates you can go on between now and then.

But let’s face it, you may have already done some things that will shorten your lifespan (two words: Las Vegas). Or maybe you are already pushing 50-plus and feel that time is not on your side anymore, despite what Mick Jagger says (time is not on his side either, by the looks of it).

Here are three ways to live longer, get the most out of life, and all that jazz:

1 – Get A Dog

Yes, the dog is man’s best friend (my vote would be for the vagina, but I still haven’t found one that will fetch my slippers). But did you know that dogs also help reduce blood pressure, keep cholesterol in check and make life that much more enjoyable to live? Hmm.

How much more enjoyable? Studies tell us that dog owners suffer less depression than non-dog owners. And for the love of Lassie, please adopt your dog from a rescue.

And if you are a cat person? Get a sex change, cats are for girls.

2 – Stay Positive

This just in grumpy Gus – you will die sooner than the rest of the shiny happy people out there (yet another thing to be grumpy about). Sorry to bring you down (again), it’s the science talking.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, Mr. Furious.

Studies show that people who have a generally positive outlook on life tend to live longer. It has something to do keeping stress levels at bay, and we all know what damage stress can do to our health. Forget about staying thirsty – stay positive, my friends.

3 – Walk This Way (Into The Future)

Yes, studies show that people who are active tend to live longer. Why? You are less susceptible to diseases (diabetes, heart ailments) and illnesses related to age. Plus, if you don’t keep moving, you will certainly feel older sooner. Frail and weak does not a great retired life make.

Bottom line: If you don’t want to lose your muscle mass and would prefer it if your bones not thin away into brittle, then get walking or riding a bike and start doing light strength and conditioning workouts. Go for 30 minutes a day and you should feel (and live longer to enjoy) the results.