Let This Sanitation Worker Show You How Honesty is a Good Side Job

FOX 10 News | fox10phoenix.com
By Jack Day

Colorado garbage man Jimmy James, great name bro, recently played hero to a family when he returned a gift card they accidentally threw away among their Christmas trash. He noticed the card and thought it odd that a perfectly crisp gift card should be waded up with so much garbage. When he discovered a full balance on the card he did the right thing and was then later rewarded for his honesty. Nice work Jimmy!

Now I know you have been in Jimmy’s shoes more than once in your life. So what did you do? And would you still do it? It takes a lot for a person, even a really honest, good person to perform acts of honesty. It’s life’s way of testing you, like an experiment of wills only you can conquer. Tell us what you think of always doing the right thing!