If You Were a Millionaire, Would You Still Work On a Farm?

By Richard K. Noots

If you had $39 Million in your bank, would you be a farmer? I’m sure most of you aren’t even reading anymore because you’ve fallen to the ground laughing. However, mister Nelson of the Green Bay Packers feels different. When it’s the off season, he doesn’t kick it or party, he heads down to his folk’s farm and gets things done. Why? It makes him happy. And that’s what life is about. No matter how much money is in that bank account, what makes you smile when you lay down to sleep is really the most important thing in life, no matter what.

Here’s Jordy Nelson.


Life on the farm is just the way he likes it when he’s not on the field.

When asked about his preference for farm life Jordy said:

“I hate the spotlight. I just prefer to do my job every day in practice, and in the game, and then go home and hide out with my family.”

We often forget that not every athlete enjoys having a celebrity status, so it is understandable that Nelson likes to lay low.  To that I say you only get one chance at this kind of fame so live it up man!  What do you think?  If you had the kind of money he does would you spend your days with family back at home, or would you take a little time for yourself once in a while?  Please tell us your thoughts and share this article with your friends and family!