How To Personalize Your Customer’s Experience Online

Image by: TheGiantVermin
By Michael Sterling

Personalization is the key to success in the E-Commerce world. It is the only way we can grab our customer’s attention and keep them intrigued by our services. This is the whole reason why they choose us, instead of our competitors. They know that we’re the only provider who will meet their needs.

With so much competition out there, it’s vital that we focus on specifics. If you spend your entire career trying to emulate another company’s success, you will never be unique and reach the potential you know is there. Instead, show the world what you have to offer. Be original, be exclusive and above all else, be authentic.

In a survey conducted by The Realities of Online Personalization, over 1,100 digital and E-Commerce companies were asked about the importance of personalization. 94% said that it’s “critical to current and future success.” The surprising part is that 56% had not personalized their visitor’s experience online, and 72% admitted that they had no idea how.

You see? By personalizing your online experience, you’re already one step ahead of most of the competitors out there. All it takes is a spark of creativity. The longer you wait, the more likely another company will put out something that will make your idea second best. The key is originality.

Create An Original Experience

A genius artist creates original pieces of work unlike any other before them. This is what makes them comparative. Strive for this attribute by aiming high and thinking outside the box. Don’t settle for the same marketing strategy everyone else learns in business school. Creativity only exists in an environment that welcomes it.

Brainstorming meetings can be lucrative. Remember, you’re trying to make the customers’ online experience personal, so think of things that pertain to their life. Know what your market is. Men? Women? Children? Business people? Shoppers? Gamblers? Grab their interest, and expand on it.

Here’s a tip: make it interactive. This opens up the possibilities of being more original, while keeping your customers’ attention. The “click and drag” strategy can be beneficial, because while they’re working the mouse, it gives them the illusion that they’re in control.

There are talented web designers in the world who will create anything you want, plus a lot of them are out of work so they’re willing to do it for little money.

Create Original Content

Quality is always going to be a huge part of one’s online experience. Period. Don’t just talk about your products or services. Don’t just explain why your better than your competitors. Show them. Give them a slice of why you’re better.

Interviews are a great way of interacting with customers, especially if it’s with a recognizable face. If you happen to know an expert in your field or a semi-famous person that would be willing to talk about your service while promoting their ventures, you are more likely to get loads of traffic towards your website. does this all the time with celebrities like Paul Potts.

Here’s a tip: When doing interviews, put them on YouTube or Vimeo. They are easy to embed, creating more sharing opportunities. Be sure to put your branded logo on the video itself so when it gets shared or embedded, people will recognize your logo.

Blogs are another great way to involve original content. Urban Outfitters has created a very successful blog that has proven to be popular among it’s customers, since it personalizes the experiences of their clientele, hitting topics like music, clothes, and culture.

Exclusivity Says Importance

When customers are granted exclusive prices, deals or inside info, their loyalty becomes more sealed. Companies like has made this idea the premise of their entire business. They’ve branched out to nearly every major city in the country and offers discounts for thousands of local businesses.

Your members are like family. Give them a back entrance into your services and let them feel like it was a good choice to sign up with your company. Let them get something out of it.

Another tactic is to partner up with companies like and offer daily discounts to everyone – even if they’re not members. Not only will you be featured on their website (giving you more advertisement), but with daily deals, local LivingSocial members will see your company on the centerpiece feed every day. Hit two birds with one stone.