How To Market With Social Media In 2013

Image by: star5112

By Michael Sterling

It’s time to wake up and realize that the internet has changed the way marketing works. Today, there are children with smart phones and seniors with Facebook pages – something unimaginable ten years ago. It’s time to move forward with the times.

What is the way of the future? Social Media! Social Media is the primary activity on the internet today, and also acts as a news source for many of our children and teens. In business, you need to reach all markets; to do that, you need to know where they spend most of their time. With that, you can spread your wings and make a global impact with your business.

Men care about staying connected, it’s in our biology. Even back in the caveman days, men hunted and gathered in packs, now we are emailing and clicking in networks! The internet made it easy to grow your business with other companies – side by side.

Today, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter have exploded. Multitasking has become a part of every day life – watching TV, checking your Facebook, sending an email, and ironing your pants for tomorrow – our brains have become a mechanic hard drive of information. So how can you, as a businessman, take advantage of that?

#1) What Is The Purpose For Your Content? 

Think in terms of the goals you’re setting out to reach, it is different for everyone. You need to hit a nerve with the audience by showing them why they can trust you. Content should bring in Revenue, plus supply the readers with a REASON to contact you.

Revenue is everything – bring it to you! There is a great speaker named Scott Berkun who has written best selling books on business and investments. He lectures all over the country and if you visit his website, you will see that he has a PURPOSE – to show you his personality. After all, that’s his product . He inputs humor, writes blogs, sells his books, and adds interviews. Promoting himself and bringing in revenue at the same time – not bad!

In one of his blogs entitled, “How To Build A Billion Dollar Company“, he speaks about the importance of risks. In retrospect he is talking about being innovative. I always use this as an example: if you buy a Subway franchise, you stand little risk, your returns are predictable, and you can expect modest growth potential. 

On the other hand, starting your OWN business obviously has very high risks and the returns are unpredictable, but depending on how you market yourself, the growth potential can be immensely higher than it would have been had you went the other route. Why? Sales have shown to see an increase of AT LEAST 15% – %20 when you make your content stand out from the crowd. Know that you’re different; you have the ability to promote yourself as such. This method can MIGHT MEAN the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly revenue. 

Think of your clientele – you know them better than anyone. Don’t just create a social media site with blah information. What is your purpose? For example: Is your purpose to entertain them? Is your purpose to show them how you work? Is your purpose to sell your product? Decide the reason behind your site – and exaggerate it! Don’t just make a brochure, make an interactive experience. 

#2) Be An Open Book.

Get a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also your own website – update your statuses frequently, post pictures, let people know that you are here.  Most importantly, make yourself available on smart phones! When Bank of America’s mobile app came out to the public, it was so popular that it drew more interest in the public to bank there – bringing in more revenue!

Today’s teenagers use most of their web surfing on their smart phones. Think about creating a personal phone app, one that is different from other competitors. Give them an option to post things themselves on to your company’s feed, i.e. pictures, video, comments – that way, they are involved with the experience; the motive being to have them come back again and again. Instagram is a great tool to have for this purpose.

#3) Leave No Stone Unturned. 

People love to do research. When you create your social media site, be sure they have everything they need, such as FAQs, business hours, available links, provided services, contact info, etc. A great idea can also be to give them links to finished projects, resources, and testimonials. 

This is an age of multitasking – the more visually interactive, the better. Companies that supply everything in one place tend to show higher rises in revenue simply because they don’t give an opportunity to leave their page. Bring them to you, convince them that you are the only option.

#4) Show Your Accomplishments.

Listing your accomplishments, showing pictures and video, listing testimonials are a great way to get customers. Young people especially love to skip any kind of reading when it’s possible and instantly gravitate to video clips. Keep this in mind when you are trying to reach a younger audience, it can be a major form of persuasion. 

There’s nothing wrong with boasting in business, as long as you have the track record to live up to it.