How To Change The World Through Social Entrepreneurship

Image by: Social Traders Australia
By Victor Averin

If you’re thinking about pursuing innovative solutions to help solve the world’s social issues, social entrepreneurship will allow you to create a sustainable business model, give social value, and will make money at the same time.

The global mission of addressing social issues will be stronger in the future because of current resulting failures that will cause social issues to be at an all time high. Typically, they are the responsibility of institutions and governments rather than the individual which is known to be inefficient and less profitable when compared to a social enterprise.

Becoming a social entrepreneur is one of the most difficult business ambitions, but when accomplished successfully not only can you produce a decent profit but you will help solve social issues. You will feel no greater reward than knowing you’ve saved lives or significantly enhanced the quality of life.

Social Entrepreneurship On The Rise In Sweden

Sweden should be a country you should idolize in terms of innovation and social policy. Their government has been strong in supporting the most pressing social challenges. In a short period of time, social entrepreneurship has increased when individuals like Johan Wendt realize that a simple idea for a social business can create change.

Johan is the founder of Mattecentrum, an after-school online learning forum for children who want to improve their math skills. Mattecentrum provides tutoring for around 70,000 people every month, 50 times per week, in 19 cities in Sweden and Denmark, using 300 voluntary workers.

Johan is providing tutoring for children who cannot afford it, and are mostly from immigrant backgrounds. He was also announced as one of the ‘hottest start-up companies’ in Sweden.

A Product To Change The World

Creating a life saving or life enhancing product can result in instant purchases by those affected by a certain social issue such as the absence of clean water. One example is Solvatten, a portable and safe water system for households that gathers sunshine then heats and treats water for drinking or bathing. All you do is leave Solvatten out for 2-6 hours.

According to Petra Wadstrom, the inventor of Solvatten, 1.2 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 2.4 billion people have inadequate sanitation, and 1.4 billion people live without electricity. The Solvatten costs about 43 dollars and is durable for 5 years.

Solvatten has sold more than ten thousand untis from 2009 to 2012.

Where To Start

A great way to get involved and learn about social entrepreneurship is to attend a social enterprise summit or exchange where individuals from various educational backgrounds attend and share information and ideas.

Exchanging information can help lead you to create your own social business. Also, researching social issues like learning deficits or resource deficits in populations, green energy, greenhouse gases, climate change etc. can help you develop your next service or product even if you aren’t a social entrepreneur.

You never know who will be the next great innovator of the product that changes the world like online learning software or portable solar and wind power! You might end up being involved in its conception.