Here’s How to Start Self Prescribing Yourself the Right Things In Life that Will Lead You to Success

Image by: koiax
By James Reubin

After suffering from depression due to family problems, my friend Dennis had some serious issues with his social life. He didn’t want to go out and meet new people, didn’t want to date, and didn’t want to hang out with friends. He just wanted to be alone all the time.

Concerned about his condition, I had a one on one talk with him. He told me that there’s nothing wrong with me or any of our other friends and that he was just overwhelmed by the busyness of life. Dennis also admitted that he didn’t know what to do.

To rescue him from boredom, I helped him get away from his old routines the whole weekend by taking him to the mountains. We went hiking together with our other friends and enjoyed some quality time with nature.

The following weekend, I was surprised that Dennis was so eager to go on another adventure with the group again.

Having fun doesn’t always mean that you have to get drunk, that you have to do death-defying stunts or that you have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, all you need is the right attitude, the right people and the right information.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind to have clean fun all the time.

Don’t Neglect Self-Respect

Sometimes, having too much fun can get in the way of treating yourself honorably. When you’re drinking and partying with your friends and eating fast food and other junk while binging on Netflix all the time, it’s easy to neglect self-respect and forget about taking care of yourself. As a result, you come home wasted, overweight or sick.

Guys, no matter what you do, whether you’re just having fun or not, it is important to always think of your health. So, learn to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

And to help you make peace with your body after pulling an all-nighter, check this out – “A 5 Minute Morning Ritual to Start Every Day Off Right.”

Writer Mark Denicola shares mindful ways to care for your body, take control of your life and kick-start every day on the right track.

Know Your Limits

After working so hard to get that performance and attendance bonus, after battling all those deadlines and heavy traffic on your way to your office and after working your ass off to get that promotion, you deserve a relaxing treat, perhaps, a little time for yourself to do anything that you like. It is important to keep the balance in your life and to stay sane amidst all the busyness of the world.

However, the problem with indulging oneself is that sometimes or most of the time, it could go a little bit too far. When you’re having too much fun, it’s easy to lose control of the situation; and instead of reviving your energy, you tend to end up with a whole new set of problems to deal with.

To avoid these things from happening, you have to be smarter with your choices, most especially with your finances. Set a strict budget and do your best not to cross the line.

If you want to go on your dream vacation, make sure that you set limits for yourself and stick to them. Aside from preparing a realistic budget, writer Joy Mali suggests that you should also pay off your pending bills before going on a holiday of any kind. In this way, you can have real fun minus the worries of impending bills hanging over your good times.

Treat Others With Respect

Respect allows people to work together and get along. On the other hand, lack of respect can cause a lot of problems, conflicts and arguments. So, for your relationships to grow, always be considerate of other people’s feelings; unless of course you want to be featured in an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

In the piece “5 Things You Must Have for Your ‘Friends With Benefits’ Arrangement to Work,” the writer considers “treating your partner with respect” the most important thing to keep your “no-strings attached” set-up WTF-free.

It’s rude, insulting and offensive to tell your FWB that you’re not really into her, dude! Instead of reminding her about your status all the time, talk about what’s going on in your dating life and perhaps open the topic about boundaries just to make sure that the two of you are on the same page.

Ignorance is Not an Excuse

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for you to do something harmful to yourself and to others.

In staying healthy, for instance, it is important that your knowledge and practices are based on facts rather than fiction or myth.

Megan Elliots shares some funny food misconceptions that you should know:

• Some food have negative calories
• Sugar makes your kids hyper
• Chewing gum stays in your system for 7 years
• Eggs are unhealthy
• Organic foods are always nutritious

So, basically before doing anything to yourself or believing hearsay, make sure that you do your own research first, or better yet, seek professional help.