Here’s the Real Deal On Why Guys Should Never Settle, No Matter How Tempting It Might Be

Image by: Unsplash
By Alvin Martin

This past weekend I had a long conversation with my childhood friend Brian, who felt guilty about the decision he made recently.

Brian is an average looking guy with an above average IQ. In my assessment, his wit combined with his great sense of humor make him naturally attractive to women. In fact, his girlfriend for two years is a print ad model. He is one hell of a lucky guy.

But no matter how charmed he is, the position of the moon and the stars don’t always work in his favor. He caught his girlfriend in the middle of a steamy interlude with another guy.

When our crew found out about what happened, we all decided to take him out on an overnight hiking trip to help him clear his mind. Brian brought his best friend Kayla to join us in our little adventure.

He knew from the start that Kayla has always been in love with him. In fact, she admitted it to him long before, but he told her that he just always saw her as a little sister and nothing more.

However, I noticed that there was something off and very un-Brian during the whole outing. He was extra sweet and a little over touchy-feely with her.

By the end of our short expedition, I just shook my head when I saw Brian and Kayla holding hands. I guess something happened overnight.

A week later, Brian invited me for a drink in his apartment and there he told me how guilty he was for using his best friend as his rebound. He knew for sure that Kayla would not take it lightly and that she would be really devastated if he told her how he really feels.

Kayla has always been there for him since they were young. Now 20 years of friendship might go to waste just because of one night of insensitivity and selfishness.

Seeking comfort and convenience is so tempting especially when things around you don’t seem to fall into place.

Sometimes we get easily overwhelmed by a situation that all we can think of is to find the easiest way out instead of dealing with the issue head on.

In “Why You Should Never Settle,” writer Matt Shumate tells us how to see clearly through the “lens of relationships.”

If you’re single and a hopeless romantic, you see the world from a different viewpoint. There’s love everywhere except right where you are. This piece will help you realize that you are not a victim or just a third wheel.

Settling down is not a race. Taking your time to know exactly what you want will give you a better shot at true love.

We don’t have to rush. We just need to be patient in looking for happiness and something worthwhile, or else we will just end up wasting our own time and somebody else’s time for something that is short-lived and temporary.

Same thing applies to our goals in life.

After I graduated from college, I’ve been promoted a couple of times and received several recognition’s from my company. It did make me happy, but is that what I really want? No. I wanted to become my own boss and start my own business.

You have to be aggressive in pursuing your dreams. Life is too short to spend wondering what could’ve been.

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Though formal education is important, it is not everything. Your positive attitude towards entrepreneurship can make you become a more productive and more innovative business person.

To go after what we really want and to make things real, we have to learn new skills and do what it takes!

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We should never settle for anything less than what we deserve, but at the same time, we should never settle for anything less than what we could give. You have to understand that before you can be entitled to the all the splendor and greatness this life can offer.