He Might Be Famous For His Crazy Antics, But He’s Dead Serious When it Comes to Cancer

By Anne Cacherell

In the effort to raise cancer awareness, Will Ferrell played every position on the field for 10 different teams in 5 different baseball games all in one day. HBO’s Funny or Die and Major League Baseball covered the whole stunt.

Ferrell is raising funds for Cancer for College, a foundation that helps cancer survivors and their families to be able to afford the opportunity to go to college. These families use every resource they have and drain their life savings for medications and medical procedures necessary just to keep their loved ones alive. He was also inspired by the strength of his fraternity brother, Craig Pollard, who did not let cancer run his life and ruin his dreams.

Though Ferrell has no baseball skills whatsoever, he was able to raise an estimated $1 million just for the baseball stunt alone. Ferrell indeed hit the home run for a real good cause.

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