Get Ready to be Inspired By Watching Life Happen in 4K Quality

By Jack Day

This time lapse video of various forms of coral growing may at first look like something from another planet. With the help of some amazing underwater photography and driven dedication to preserving this breathtaking life form, the creators have captured a rare human observation. Resonating from the message to “Care for the Great Barrier Reef” is the fact that we have been given the privilege to witness it come to life in all of it’s spectacular color and movement. Job well done to the video man, Daniel Stoupin for giving us this new unique look at coral as well as instilling a new found appreciation for it.

Did you enjoy the quality of the 4K coral adventure? I urge you to watch this on something bigger than a phone! Personally I felt like it was other worldly. It’s amazing how seeing something like this can give us a whole new perspective on what life is by seeing the many forms it takes. How did you feel after watching this dazzling display? Please share your thoughts!