Forget Hollywood, Here Are 10 Real Life Heroes You Need to Know About

By Jack Day

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From the crossing guards who help out children on their way to school, to the scientists developing life saving drugs across the planet. It’s hard to tell every story, but every year CNN does their best to highlight 10 people who are making a difference across the globe.

Whether it’s fighting a water crisis in India like Bhagwati Agrawal by creating a rain water harvesting system, or bringing health care to the streets to care for homeless people like Dr. Jim Withers, this list is pretty impressive. In fact I think the only criticism I have is that they should have made it the top 25 or even 100. I just love hearing about the good people are doing around the world so the more the merrier.

Watch the video to see who else made the top ten and then tell us whose story you liked the best.

Sloth refuge? Veteran therapy? Food banks? All amazing things worthy of recognition, as well as continued support. Please tell us your thoughts and inform us about any other amazing heroes we need to know about! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.