Eating Your Way To Six Pack Abs?

Image by: Melanie-m
By Jake Bradshaw

Six pack abs are the ultimate goal for every guy. They attract the ladies and they are they number one sign that we are healthy. Six packs aren’t like other parts of our body, they take time, patience and most of all, discipline. In men, our stomachs are the place where most of our fat gravitates to.

There are certain foods in which can help you gain the results you want to gain, however they aren’t the “end all, be all.” It takes dedication to get your six pack, but once it’s there, it will take just as much discipline to keep it.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAS) And Peppers

In the physical education world, it is a well known fact that MUFAS are the key ingredient to gaining ab muscles while peppers give your metabolism the strength it needs to burn fat. According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes Care in 2007, when your diet consists of a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids, you are more likely to burn belly fat.

Foods with high contents of MUFAS are nuts, seeds, avocados, oils, olives and my favorite, dark chocolate. It is incredibly easy to add any of these things to your diet. Be careful though. Just because they are high in MUFAS, does not mean that they are low in calories. In fact, nuts have some of the highest calorie counts in the food chain.

Avoid fatty foods as much as you can. Even when you are adding monounsaturated fatty acids with them, the fat intake will cancel it out, making it completely pointless. All these foods should come in moderation, but they are crucial in burning belly fat which is something every man needs to do to reveal their six pack.

Add chili peppers, cayenne pepper, or turmeric pepper to your meals and remember to hydrate with water! What these peppers do is heat up your body, which jump starts your metabolism during a meal, allowing the MUFAS to target where they need to. Drinking water brings your body back to it’s normal balance. The great thing is that 95% of peppers and spices have zero calories, yet they allow your body to burn calories 25% faster than normal.

Eat Organic As Much As Possible

When foods have preservatives, chemicals, and other things that should never be processed in your body, it can create some troublesome confusion in the digestive department. It knocks them out of whack and they don’t know what to do, causing them to retreat from their natural job of burning fat and will instead store it.

Unclean carbohydrates are the enemy if you want to get a six pack, and should be avoided at all costs. White breads should never be consumed. They are full of chemicals that will make you bloated and shouldn’t be eaten as your carbohydrate option. Clean carbohydrate alternatives are brown rice, whole grains, vegetables and fruits (which are an excellent choice to eat in the mornings).

Limit The Beer, Gentlemen

Like I said before, carbohydrates are the enemy. What alcohol does is give you an excessive amount of carbs with no nutrients. So you are just packing in the carbs and while they stack and stack and stack, so does your belly. Beer is the worst – this is why we have the infamous “beer belly.” Beer has an incredible amount of carbs and wheat with no nutrients to balance it out during digestion. So they pack on you until there is nothing left but fat surrounding your belly muscles.

We All Have A Six Pack

Think about what we do nearly every day. Our stomach has to be tough to do the things we all do. Even breathing required tremendous strength from our stomach muscles. The only thing that’s keeping our muscles from being visual is the fat surrounding it. The whole point is to limit that fat as much as we can so that our six packs can be seen. We all have a six pack inside of us, just waiting to get out. The fat is under our control.