Don’t Get Sick! 5 Ways To Defend Yourself Against Various Plagues this Cold Season

sick guyImage by: Lain Farrel
By: Todd Downey

Isn’t it incredible that in our relatively short existence as a distinguishable race we’ve been able to build rocket ships and travel to the moon, use wireless hand held devices that allow us to converse with each other across the world, and build skyscrapers that are hundreds of feet tall, yet we still haven’t even found a cure for the common cold.

Some might say we’re an advanced race, while others may claim we are a race that don’t have our priorities right. But the bottom line is the guys in the white lab coats are at least trying, and have blessed us with things like Nyquil and Tylenol, but until the day comes when they find a definable cure, we’re stuck having to endure the side effects of housing these formidable creatures in our bodies.

And to make matters even worse, a professor of medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville claims that it’s beginning to look as if there are as many as 200 different cold viruses. I know… that’s a lot to defend yourself against. But if you invest the energy to take a few precautions, then you may find yourself saving a pretty penny on tissue paper and medicine this winter.

#1) Vaccines

While not all people have jumped on the vaccination band-wagon, those who are open to the idea should pay your local Walgreens or drug store and get the dreaded needle. It may be a scary thought, but these shots are designed to match each years’ specific circulation strains.

And while it isn’t %100 percent accurate, it may still prove to be a key component to preventing bodily complications such as the flu and pneumonia.

#2) Keep Those Hands Clean

While I’m not suggesting you turn into a germaphobe who walks around equipped with various hand sanitizers, plastic gloves and a surgical mask, I am suggesting that before you eat, drink, touch your face or lips you make sure there are no critters lurking on your fingertips.

This especially applies while you’re on the job. No matter if your working at Burger King or are the CEO of a large corporation, keeping your hands clean will both reduce the chances of you and those around you getting sick.

Yea it sounds like common sense, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of people who overlook such a simple task. Learn from doctors, nurses, and food professionals, as they have made washing their hands so much of a habit that it’s become second nature.

And by washing hands I don’t just mean running your palms across water for a brief moment, but rather scrubbing hard for 20 seconds or more and utilizing whatever soap is at your disposal. And while you’re at it bake sure you get your wrists and elbows as well. Ah hell who not just go ahead and rip your sleeves off and wash your entire arms.

Okay, I’m getting a bit carried away now, but you get my point, right?

One more word of advice: If you’re having trouble getting to a fully equipped sink every 30 minutes, then you may want to carry around a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitizer–preferably alcohol based. Just make sure you avoid sniffing it, as that–for some odd reason–can be quite addicting.

#3) Avoid Sick People

Have you ever noticed the wash of dread that spreads across Doctors’ faces whenever their presented with a patients’ thankful hand? That’s because it has been permanently imbedded in their psyche to avoid direct contacts with any and all sick patients.

I personally don’t blame them, with this Ebola craze exploding like y2k, I even found myself substituting the traditional hand shake for a fist bump.

#4) Boost Your Immune System

Me being a person who is hesitant about allowing foreign medicines (i.e. vaccinations) into my system, I have personally used this method as my saving grace when it comes to warding off the invisible critters. Exercise, proper diet, and good sleep goes a long way when determining the quality of your immune system.

Another factor you probably wouldn’t realize plays a key role in your health is positive thinking. It makes since really, when you think about it, after all it has been said: stress kills. But apparently before that it makes you susceptible to the common cold.

Avoiding cigarettes and excessive alcohol intake can also be key contributions to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure you already knew that, though–you don’t need a stranger you haven’t even seen before to instruct you to lay off the booze, do you?

#5) Hands Off

It has been claimed by cold experts that Rhino viruses can survive on handles, doorknobs and hard surfaces for up to an entire day, and all it takes is a turn of the door knob and an itch on the lip or eye to contract a hellish two week experience consisting of nasal voice, runny nose and furious hacking.

It might seem a bit 18th century to carry around a handkerchief, but unless you want to use your shirt sleeve I’d advise you to consider it.

Have you mastered the art of going seasons at a time without having to suffer the dreadful sequences of common flu’s and colds? I envy you. Share with us how you were able to stave off those viruses, we greatly appreciate it!