Co-occurrence And The SEO Of The Future

Image by: Matt McGee
By Victor Averin

Google, and SEO topic leaders Matt Cutts and SEOMoz are hinting at a future where you can run a high ranked and trafficked website without focusing on links, and anchor text and instead on quality content and brand-naming.

How is that possible? By combining “knowledge on entities, associations and authorship you can build a strategy that actually solves a problem or a need for your target audience” according to Dave Langdale from SEOMoz.

Unnecessary Fluff

An entity is defined as a person, place, thing or event. Typically search engines need a link to anchor to entities and show that they are important and have a context. The future algorithm will be able to establish this without a link by using intelligence and website comprehension such as gathering information and patterns from social media and other places.

Entities need associations. For example, if you search for “The Avengers” (entity) you would need (associations) such as gross box office sales, list of all the actors etc. Associations that are assigned are determined by the (subclasses) of the entity (e.g. a subclass for the The Avengers is a film, films associate with an actor that has been associated in other films).

The next addition to SEO: Authorship and Author rank will soon be implemented. Search engines will recognize higher ranked authors and increase their website ranking above those lower ranked authors. To increase authorship rank you must start posting and writing, all over the web, but with quality in mind and one area to focus on.

Co-occurrence will be another large improvement. Google and search engines will be able to make a link between a key word and the content of a website without requiring actual keywords to be inserted into the title, tag line, or anywhere on the page. Essentially, the algorithm will provide a link without a link.

So what’s the key to earn high co-occurrence? Quality content that solves or satisfies an issue for a target audience. So you’ll need to get rid of that unnecessary fluff, “The Top Ten Reasons To Buy Soap,” and anchoring links and phrases like “purchase soap cheaply.”

Elevate Your Business

The issues is piecing this information together and growing your brand on the web following the new guidelines that Google will set for every industry and business. Let’s use Dave Langdale’s example, you’re a clicks and bricks business selling computer hardware in Seattle.

Its important to first classify content. How is your entity classed? Its of the commercial class, and sub-classed into computer hardware, and associated with various parts of computers and also to the Seattle location. It’s also important to write naturally and organically about your brand or service. Google will be able to tell the difference and increase your rank with better sounding semantics in content.


LOWER RANK – “Rick’s Comp. Hardware (also in tag lines and titles) brand is number one in Seattle for all your hardware needs (keyword phrase). We have low prices on all our hardware at Rick’s Comp. Hardware, and if you buy from us you will never need another computer hardware (Keyword) store again.”

HIGHER RANK – “Here at Rick’s Comp. Hardware in Seattle (Entity + association), we strive to lead in supplying quality fans, motherboards, processors, video cards (associations) and devices for any computer that you may have in your home or business.

Whether you need a part for your laptop, netbook, desktop, mac or Ipad to run faster and smoother (associations), we offer lower prices for higher quality (co-occurrence: low prices and higher quality solves a problem for everyone and will generate a link). We trust that you’ll gain loyalty after you experience our brand, but no matter what our loyalty to you will never veer (Authorship: organic and natural sounding content).”

Your next step would be to become a contributor to your business’ expertise and increase authorship. Start posting quality content and information under your name or the business name about computer hardware. This way YOU will become an entity and will help rank yourself and Rick’s Comp. Hardware.

The evolution of SEO is intelligence.

Reach Into The Future Mobile Pocket

All that quality work you write for the new algorithms won’t go to waste and inevitably will be viewed on millions of phones. The population is significantly increasing mobile usage. Traditional SEO and mobile SEO will have to be synchronized at one point, it’s inevitable.

244 million internet users in the US and 358 million mobile device subscribers, 48% have smart phones. About 187 million are using their smart phones to browse the web. It’s a good idea to be thinking about expanding mobile SEO right now. Quick engine searches will be compact, local, and on-the-go. Trends seem to be directing this way with things like Google Glass, and convenient app technology.