Chew & Exchange Your Way To A Flatter Stomach

Image by: istolethetv
By Kurt Garrity

You want a flat stomach but don’t want to spend a lot of time hooking up machines or figuring out complicated schedules and products. You are busy, but willing to make it happen as long as it isn’t too demanding of your life and lifestyle.

A flatter stomach isn’t worth, for instance, sitting in a sweat lodge for 12 hours, eating nothing but kelp sandwiches or doing three hours of sit-ups a day.

You’re not a freak, but are willing to get your freak on for a few minutes a day to keep the belly at bay. Try these two quick rips to get that tummy flatter than Kansas.

Stability Ball Exchange

Fitness folk love the stability ball exchange. First, get yourself a ball, preferably in the least manly color they sell (this is a trick play as they are ALL effeminate colors). While this exercise is basically intended to strengthen your “core” it also does wonders for tightening that midsection.

Warning: If you suffer from lower back issues, this is not for you.

How do you do the stability ball exchange? It is easier to just watch instead of me trying to explain it to you. Watch this very short video from LoveYouLean:

Chew Your Food

You heard your parents say it a hundred times: Chew your food, son! You should have listed, maybe you wouldn’t be carrying around that Goodyear around your waist. That’s right, the white coats tell us that a key to trimming your belly is to chew your food all the way down to ground.

While this may seem great for digestion, how does it keep your belly from sticking out? Supremely-chewed food cuts down on bloating which causes the belly to protrude and make you look fatter than you actually are.

Another great side affect to chewing your food VERY WELL: less gas. And who can’t, er, get behind that plan?

Need a cheerleader on this one? Here’s a very hot trainer-type telling you about the importance and benefits of chewing you food, man, many times.