Cash In As Small Businesses Rush To Mobile

Image by: Johan Larsson
By Steven Morrison II

For those running a small- to medium-sized (SMB) business, time is running out on the traditional way of doing things. No longer can companies bury their heads in the sand and ride out their analog existence. A major shift is happening and those who don’t get with the (computer) program will be left behind to wither and die.

Advertising is one of those things that has succumbed to the digital age. Forget about street distribution, mailing lists and where the staple goes – it is all CPMs, HTML code and hot links now. In fact, your buddy Google makes more off of advertising than all of the newspapers in the United States combined.

And you thought they were just a search engine.

OK, Grandpa’s Goat Cheese Co. (GGCC) isn’t that far behind the times, they do have a website. But these days, even having a website is kind of “so what” now. Now the focus is on social media. Is the GGCC utilizing Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS or Instagram? They should be. But hey, that’s old news, like grandpas and goats.

Mobile Home

Now, the latest “gotta have” is the mobile website. And that rumbling you hear off in the distance is a stampede headed right your way. It is the sound of your fellow businessmen and businesswomen making the quantum leap from just having a standard website to also having a mobile version of that site.

The numbers are downright staggering. In a very intriguing study conducted by BIA/Kelsey along with Ipsos, nearly 15% of SMBs said that they already had fully developed mobile websites. That number is up from just under 9% from the previous sampling. Some would rightfully consider that pretty amazing growth, really.

Wait, there’s more …

There’s Clicks in Them There Hills

But here’s the real kicker: 22% of those SMBs said that they plan on going mobile within a year. That’s right, almost 25% of a market will enter the mobile sector in less than a year. Wow. That is practically a gold rush type scenario. The ripple effect will be huge. It will be every avatar for itself.

Google alone stands to make huge sums on AdWords as new customers flood the digital ad scene.

In fact, I am going to go ahead and say it now after fully digesting the scope of this study – buy Google and hold onto it for 18 months. 18 months and one day from now you will thank me. I do not think that Google’s projected value over the next five years accurately reflects this massive swing toward mobile by SMBs, so the price is currently too low.

I am thinking Google (GOOG) will grow 15-20% in that time.

No Just Google

Mobile web designers and programmers are also well positioned to cash in over the next two years. If you have a mobile website business, you would be wise to launch a smart, cohesive and very aggressive advertising campaign that reaches those SMBs looking to make the leap. Grab your share of the market early and reap the dividends years from now.

Need a new career? Think digital mobile. Whether it is developing applications, providing content or clocking clicks on advertising network systems, the race is on gentlemen.