Avoid 3 Common AdWords Marketing Mistakes

Image by: Good Old
By Gordon J. Pruitt

You have what could be a thriving website generating tens if not hundreds of dollars a day for you. The only thing standing in the way of you and that gold-plated set of golf clubs that you have your eyes set on is a great Google AdWords campaign.

But setting up a great campaign isn’t easy (heck if it was, everybody would be doing it … and you would be reading this article).

Many, many mistakes have been made by many competent individuals. It is going to happen – get used to it. But I am here to keep you from making these three mistakes in an effort to save you time and money down the road.

And inch you ever closer to your golden tee time.

1 – Not Spending Enough Time Fine-Tuning Your Target Audience

Fight the urge to quit early on this aspect of your campaign. Really dig into the data points and make each dollar you spend count that much more. There is no reason why any ad should be wasted on somebody who doesn’t need to see it.

2 – You’re Going Keyword Crazy!

It is easy to gobble up every keyword the Big G throws at you. But guess what honey pants, it’ll cost you. In fact, it will cost you right out of profitability if you are not careful.

Start with 10 or so keywords, stick with the seven that are working out the best for you, dump the three worst, and give three new ones a try. Keeping on top of your keyword performance is crucial to your success in this marketplace.

Do remember, however, to put your main one or two keywords in your ad text!

3 – Don’t Use Google Analytics

As I mentioned above, you need to stay on top of your campaign. One of the best ways is to run your campaign through Google Analytics to see where those ads taking people to your site is really doing for you.

Be a nerd about the data. Order a pizza, dig in. Your bank account will thank you.