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By Fabian Tan

Everyone who owns a website and takes advantages of the use of written content seems to always be seeking out article marketing secrets that will make their content more effective at generating web traffic. The problem is that most people encounter ineffective “article marketing secrets” that seldom produce results or those that require the payment of outlandish fees in order to be obtained.

However, the most common and effective article marketing secrets are considered public domain and common sense. You don’t need to pay for these secrets! All you need to do is learn how to implement them to your best advantage. Most websites that feature articles think that they “know what is best.” However, most websites that feature written content go about it the wrong way.

Here is the secret to generating more web traffic with your articles: make your articles informative and quit focusing on keywords! Too many websites muddle their articles down in keywords that make their articles hard to read. When this happens you will actually begin to lose readers. Therefore, focus on the information that you provide in your articles and don’t overly focus on the keywords.

Add the keywords in as an after thought. Also, watch out for the number of times that you use the same keyword. You should limit your articles to 1 keyword per 100 words that you write. When you do this, your articles will be easier to read and will also appear more informative. Additionally, they will encourage readers to come to your website time and time again for truly well researched and informative articles.

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