Amazon’s Earnings Disappoint, Future Still Bright

Image by: Mike Lee
By Steven Morrison II

Online retailer and industry trend-setter Amazon’s (AMZN) earnings were more than disappointing for the last quarter, a Q which saw them lose $39 million. While that would seemingly spell doom for most other companies, the large and in charge internet giant just brushed it off.

Investors also brushed it off, as the company’s stock only dropped a bit in the face of the loss. Compared to Apple’s recent post earnings report drop of 27% and you can see how Wall Street is still keen on Amazon.

But why?

Amazon continues to release innovative products and be aggressive in the sales marketplace. Included in that full-on business assault is their strong challenge in the area of media content, giving major players Netflix and iTunes a run for their market share.

For example, the “Kindle FreeTime Unlimited” subscription service aimed at kids is quite innovative, offering parents the ability to fine tune what their children are able to view on tablets, the modern equivalent of a babysitter.

The key is that the program and related content only works on Amazon’s Kindle devices. This enables Amazon to peel away some Apple customers as well as tether customers to the Amazon universe and directly compete against Netflix’s “Just For Kids” program and offerings.

It has also been reported that Amazon has trademarks on the books for an electronics repair business model, basically putting Best Buy on notice. Amazon’s cloud service for its AWS cloud computing service.

It all points to a big future for Amazon who will – mark my words – take a big bite out of Apple at some point, but it could take a while. Meanwhile the smart money has been sticking by the company’s side thanks to Amazon’s HEAVY investment in the future.

Amazon’s earnings may be down, but the future looks so bright that everyone at Amazon should be wearing shades that they, no doubt, should purchase on